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    1. scarlet
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      happy nineteenth <3
      1. punkband
        Feb 14, 2021
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        Thank you so much!
    2. yvuggu
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      Happy Birthday!
      1. punkband
        Feb 14, 2021
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        Thank you so much!
    3. punkband
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      fka MrFerf
      1. Vocaloiid
        Jan 17, 2021
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        Best trainee
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    I'm punkband, formerly known as MrFerf and, briefly, Rankers. I've been playing on Mineplex casually since 2014 or so. I've never been an especially prominent player but I've popped up in little pockets of the community every now and again.

    I was a Trainee from March to May of 2017, but was demoted at the end of my trial. My batchmates, BestPD and SnowyKitty, went on to have much more successful careers on the staff team and I still chat with my mentor, Geothermal, every once in a while.

    Before I was on the staff team, I assisted with upkeep of evanmoney and Pabulous's Mineplex Hall of Fame Level 100s document and Level 90-99s spreadsheet. While on the staff team, zdemon98 and I managed a spreadsheet that tracked staff promotions and resignations, including Sr. Mod teams and subteams.

    Now, I mostly just play games with friends or Speed Builders when I'm alone. Nothing too thrilling.
    ♫♪ punkband - Eternal ♫♪
    Ex-Trainee (March-May 2017)​
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