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    1. primalbog999
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      i didn't do that though
    2. MrScaryClaws
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      You also seem to be confused about something called post boosting. You do not and should not excessively post. For example, putting random smileys, saying a few words and then posting again a few more and then posting a -1, spamming plllllzzzz, etc... Just keep your point in one post unless you need to respond to someone. Don’t get off topic putting faces and begging to win giveaways. This is bad because it spams our notifications. Thank you, MrScaryClaws.
    3. primalbog999
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      ohh ok sorry i didn't know
    4. Steven190
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      I've seen that you seem to be confused in some areas, so i'm going to clarify some things, so Java and Bedrock are 2 different platforms, Java is PC only, while Bedrock is mobile and win10. These platforms are quite different. For example you cannot view your stats on bedrock. I see that you seem to be bedrock, so that seems to be your only platform unless i'm incorrect, so I suggest posting in bedrock forum areas so Java people don't get confused.
    5. primalbog999
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      how do i get in the shop it says my profile does not exist
      1. Steven190
        May 15, 2020
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        That-s because you're on bedrock, for bedrock you go in game tap pause, and one of the options will be store
    6. primalbog999
      1. purplesword
        May 15, 2020
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