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Ocelotguyy's Subteams
  1. Added to Subteam: Jun 16, 2020

    Builder Apps Team

    This team is the masters. These guys make sure only the best will make it on the Mineplex Build Team, and help you get there if you aren't quite up to par! Manager of this team: Mappable

  2. Added to Subteam: Jun 5, 2020

    Map Issues Team

    This team goes through maps to fix community submitted bugs within the maps themselves. This can be holes in maps or completely unbalanced maps that got past MTT. Small bugs can be missed by MTT during initial testing. Manager of this team: Nepchunex

  3. Added to Subteam: May 2, 2019

    Map Submissions Team

    This team goes over an analyses community submitted maps and edits them to work with our games. From putting down spawn points, to removing annoying towers in the middle of your map, these members are the heart of making sure your map gets on Mineplex! Manager of this team: Mappable