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Nubs yt
    1. Nubs yt
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      Should I start creating Mineplex videos? In MCPE//Java
    2. Nubs yt
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      Yo! hello to everyone , how has everyone's day been? I hope y'all are doing great for anyone out there, and thank the staff team for keeping the community as safe as they can.
      1. Widestsinger
        Sep 11, 2022
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        My day has been going great thanks for asking
    3. Widestsinger
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      Nubs yt!
      1. Nubs yt
        Nubs yt
        Sep 2, 2022
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        Hey there!
    Not following anybody.
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    I am a Minecraft player planning to do more than just play cake wars, but want to help the community for the better in any way of contributions and satisfy people.

    - I am a Minecraft player who likes to make friends as well
    -Played Mineplex for years now
    -Planning to strive to the leaderboard >:D

    Mini fun facts about myself:
    -I love mythical creatures like dragons
    -My favorite things to do are drawing, playing Minecraft ofc as well as being with my friends <3
    -My favorite food is Spaghetti.
    -I am from Singapore and I can speak two languages ofc! Chinese and English, trying to learn Malay and Spanish!

    Hopefully, dreams in mineplex may come true thru hard work
    ~May your journey be good~
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