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    1. Nrrillinthas
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      Also, I am technically forum banned so if Mineplex wants to ban me from their site, go ahead. I get that I've done bad things in the past and I have to deal with them.
    2. Nrrillinthas
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      Hey, this is Nrrillinthas. I haven't been on MP in a while or talked really. Well anyways, I've moved on from MP. I get on every once in a while and it seems I still am able to play MM very well. I used to be angry and aggressive all the time, but for the past year, being off of MP, I've started to become a lot more positive. Anyways, I will get on MP every once in a while. If you ever want to talk to me my discord is Nrrillinthas#2666
      1. joshbet9
        Mar 29, 2019
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