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    1. NotDriv
      1. CloudyDay1234
        Dec 6, 2022
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        Don’t forget that I killed you the first time…
      2. NotDriv
        Dec 6, 2022
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    2. NotDriv
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      finally [​IMG]
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      2. NotDriv
        Jul 29, 2022
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        @Widestsinger oh wow i haven't see the video but seems serious stuff going between you and KilledByVoid, no problem thanks for the 'gg' too
      3. xd Lord lol
        xd Lord lol
        Aug 13, 2022
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      4. LostShrimp13
        Dec 19, 2022
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        widest i afked the big tree to get 100
    3. RedFlqre
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      Sorry, i crashed
      1. Widestsinger
        Nov 8, 2022
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        This is the best place to tell him?
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    I am Yahya, a devoted participant in the server Mineplex. I have invested a considerable amount of time into the game and it is evident in my accomplishments - attaining level 100 and accumulating a notable number of 8,700 victories in Skywars. I am fond of the game's player community and consistently welcoming of new connections. If you are in search of a companion to play with or engage in conversation, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am eager to assist and impart my knowledge to other players.
    Discord: ! Disguise#1202
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