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    1. nick713
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      Hey everyone, my name is Nick and I am currently living in NY. I enjoy playing on Mineplex so if you would like to friend me, my IGN is ‘ripnick’. If you have any questions or regards, please message or pm me, thanks!​
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    Whatsup! My name is Nick and I play on Mineplex (kinda obvious). I often switch between my favorite games but as of right now, you can find me playing Nano Games. Outside of Minecraft/Mineplex, I usually do outdoor activities such as sports and running. I'd like to consider myself funny in a way. But yeah, if you would like to know more about me or what to play with me in-game, you can friend me on anything listen below!

    Discord: ripnick#0819
    Snapchat: nick_volpe713
    Minecraft IGN: ripnick
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