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    1. Bob16077777
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      About your thread about spectating friends, you can just do /ftp [friend’s name]. If they are in a game (for example cakewars), you will join as a spectator as if you had just died in game. I hope this helped answer your question. (I know that was a while ago but I thought why now?)
    2. Tamsoot
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      1. Nectarqenni
        Jul 26, 2020
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        Hey man!
      2. Tamsoot
        Jul 26, 2020
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        Just said hi because i read your introduction thingie, thought you were cool lol. Not everyone learn norwegian haha
    3. Nectarqenni
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      Who would have thought I’d be spending my limited internet time reading all the mineplex info so one day I might be able to become moderator
    4. Nectarqenni
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      I like to think I’m good but honestly my stats are terrible compared to most rhhtryjhgh
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    Hey, I am an aspiring artist/writer who spends any free time not drawing, playing cakewars <3

    I am also currently learning Norweigen so feel free to speak to me in that language, aswell!

    Discord: Nectar #3339
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