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    1. MysticMaster779
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      I forgot to mention some Creative Housing issues... and since it seems it doesn't move for years, I'll list here all the bugs in Creative Housing, and update it if there is any changes happening.

      - crashes happening when attempting to join a house
      - lag spikes
      - "instance restarting"
      ok - "rakconnectionlost"
      - houses not saved properly (if any player is there when the house is disconnected, the file is not saved)
      - houses can have corrupted data and not be restored properly

      - admins rights abuse (a warning window would help new players)
      - no anti-grief
      - no anti-abuse-dropping (that cause severe lag if it happens)
      - no anti-creative-hack

      - not knowing who would reset a house or kick or ban a player from house, to avoid abuse by letting others know
      - not having the possibility to handle players bans in the house
      - no tool so mods can handle houses, change description or name, reset them, or know who build what (that is a bit further, but was done in Java in the past)
      - a player can easily create a new google/microsoft account, and bypass a ban in a house

      - glitch out near fences, panes, bar, stone walls
      - Join players, who have fly, can drop items, not convenient moreover for parkours
      - can abuse block-put glitch to get over walls
      - lava, water and armor stands can be placed and go over the house border
      - not updated 1.17 blocks

      - no /hide command so players can parkour better
      - statue can not be in a house, no /hub tip
      - hunger bars can go down, happens in random houses
      - in ban window, click on a duration, but at last moment player want to cancel it by pressing the cross of the window, targeted player will still be banned.
      - visibility glitch : certainly due to lag, a player can build something, will see blocks put, but in fact are not there, the holes will be visible by others. Have to quit and come back to the house to see the holes.
    2. MysticMaster779
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      They really need to load their chunks better :S

    3. MysticMaster779
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      What is going on now. Whatever it is, the rest will follow...

    4. MysticMaster779
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      The ones who tried long one-shot parkour will understand x3


    5. MysticMaster779
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      I was wondering something more and more : in Creative Housing, do they let "instance restarting" and some issues unsolved to make a player turnover, because cannot see how to display houses otherwise ? Or to keep people interested and hang up, hoping to see things fixed ? I know that they step away to upgrade the core of Bedrock server because how huge this would be, but... Sure it would be understable to have a situation like it is rn, but it makes players wonder a lot. It's tiresome, and not the proper way to keep a server going : it should be fresh and living.

      I remember in the past that for Creative, servers used plots in a huge big world. I never assisted in a mess like in chat to promote plots, because once built and told a bit, players go to something else naturally. So even if this temporary to create and share something to others, it should be done in a way where we remember good vibes, not broken servers and stuff. It would help a lot to the popularity of the server, more player would buy ranks, then it could run even more further.

      And if it would be about keeping players hoping to see things fixed, it's not how it works. There will always be issues with novelty, plus if this would mean less staff or people to take care about issues, why not letting the ones go to something else ? Wouldn't mean losing people in the long run, they would still remember positively the server and come back.

      Organisation, clarity, thinking in the long run and about community. That's what you really should do Mineplex, and in its entirety. Sure some players would still complaing, it always happen regardless of the situation ; however it's always for the best if things are put on good and solid bases.
    6. MysticMaster779
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      Noticed recently two bugs in Creative Housing I never saw before and/or didn't talk yet :

      - if a player goes in the ban window, click on a duration, but at last moment they want to cancel it by pressing the cross of the window, the targeted player will still be banned.

      - and also the visibility glitch : for whatever reason (certainly due to the lag), a player can build something, will see blocks put, but in fact are not there, and the holes will be visible by other players. They have to quit and come back to the house to see the holes themselves.

      I saw some issues that got solved, very few, but it seems like. I wait to see how this will continue :P
    7. MysticMaster779
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      Happening since yesterday : sometimes when rejoining their own house to build in it, some players land in the world of nothing, floating in the air. And if you move, menu of Creative Housing popping up, with the cherry on the top of doubling variables. I love this server guys xD

    8. MysticMaster779
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      Well that's new : the server messed up with the save file, a quarter of my parkour house is randomly gone. Beautiful.

    9. MysticMaster779
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      I couldn't resist x3 (to take lightly heh :P a little, a little x3)

    10. MysticMaster779
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      I should have kept my post of my thoughts about this server ':P

      To summarize it, it's the server that in term of what it offers, is compared to the ones in the default server list of Bedrock, at the bottom of the list, receiving a whopping 6th place out of 6.

      + good ideas
      + Discord working
      + staff there
      * playable ?...

      - difficulty to connect to the server 2/3 of the time
      - issues, small and big, still not fixed for years
      - mediocre gameplays, not polished, and/or broken
      - leaderboards that make no sense and don't represent real skill
      - servers lag spikes, crashes, "RakDisconnect", and constant "instance restarting"
      - ghost mute randomly happening (happens only in this server)
      - get worse and worse with time going by, today it's about skins and statues not loading properly 4/5 of the time
      - server still to 1.11, 1.12, or whatever, not up to date
      - lack of real implication to find and hire developers
      - still financing in Java, despite the fact it got annihilated by incompetence there and what happened in MC Java in general : hackers, toxicity, incredible bugs, lag spikes, staff concept fresh and here not competent enough to handle this properly

      In a nutshell : it's such a shame to see a great potential going to waste. It's clearly lacking good handling like a server should have. I go there here and now, to play some parkour in Housing, or play Turf... but it's because I've the habit of playing MC and know what to do exactly when a bad situation happen. But for the others, moreover new... really, Turf stuck in load time to come back to game lobby, Housing players can be stuck and there is no help to know what to do, a simple /hub tip would be enough, even /help at least, but nope. And I could continue the list on and on... Sigh.
    11. MysticMaster779
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      Actually in Mineplex : lazyness to improve things as usual. Funny thing is, with new update, players can't go in it anymore. People in team are now back on the wall : they are forced now to do something they always pushed in the future, updating the mc version of the server. Do they really care about it ? We'll see. If only they could manage it better, things would be so much better, and would save the potential it has.
    12. MysticMaster779
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      Doing his best, despite everything that can happen. Letting things moving forward...
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