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Mystic 0440

Member, Female, from out of this world

Mystic 0440 was last seen:
Apr 19, 2019 at 12:15 PM

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Apr 19, 2019 at 12:15 PM
Sep 14, 2018
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Bedrock Minecraft Character

    1. Steven190
      Ok ok so you are from "out of this world" lol
      1. Mystic 0440 likes this.
      2. Mystic 0440
        Mystic 0440
        Yup! Exactly what I wanted you to look at and see that is new ... lol!
        Apr 2, 2019
        Steven190 likes this.
    2. Mystic 0440
      Mystic 0440
      Keep your thoughts positive ... because your thoughts become YOUR WORDS. Keep your words positive ... because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR. Keep your behavior positive ... because your behavior become YOUR HABITS. Keep your habits positive ... because your habits become YOUR VALUES. Keep your values positive ... because your values become YOUR DESTINY. mahatma gandhi
      1. Bleau likes this.
    3. Mystic 0440
      Mystic 0440
      xXAllieCat2Xx Time: decides who you meet in your life. Your Heart: decides who you want in your life. Behavior: decides who will stay in your life.
      1. Bleau, FireStar and ACgamer9 like this.
      2. runegate
        Why the hell is this somewhat true
        Sep 24, 2018
      3. Mystic 0440
        Mystic 0440
        because it just is... it always works this way... a good thing most of the time... the rest of the time it’s pain.
        Sep 25, 2018
        Bleau and FireStar like this.
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  • About

    out of this world
    Hello ... I am Mystic 0440 (a.k.a. xXAllieCat2Xx), just call me Mystic.
    I am a Bedrock PE gamer.
    The games I "love" to play are: Turf Wars, and Mob Arena (which has made it’s return back to Bedrock). You can check my stats if you looking for a little competition.
    If you ever want to play pm me or add me as a friend. I will accept most friend requests, but a heads up: I do check your profile first.
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