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    1. Antoine D'Coolette
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      Are you alive?
    2. Mathuu
      Post Options
      we miss u <3
    3. Baymax
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    4. Shqdyy
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      SUPER LATE - Thank you for everything you did for the server <3 Every Mineplexian will miss you!
      1. Yato
        Aug 22, 2019
        Comment Options
        I agree
    5. Jaek
      Post Options
      thank you for everything
    6. Crazyy_Tim
      Post Options
      Bit late (correction, very late) but thanks so much for all you have done :)
    7. GuardianInASuit
      Post Options
      Thank you for everything!
    8. BasicT
      Post Options
      Thank you for everything you did for Mineplex. We will really miss you.
      1. Lila
        Mar 4, 2019
        Comment Options
        Little late xD
      2. BasicT
        Mar 4, 2019
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    9. Lila
      Post Options
      it still feels weird seeing no developer tag. we really really miss you sam, hope your new job is going great.
      1. dym
        Apr 15, 2019
        Comment Options
        Do you know where he is working now?
    10. Jason
      Post Options
      Thanks for everything you've done to contribute to Mineplex. Wish you the very best moving forward. :)
    11. HeyItsAdam
      Post Options
      best mp dev
    12. Antoine D'Coolette
      Post Options
      We are going to miss you man. you have done an outstanding job for mineplex.
    13. Evgeen
      Post Options
      It's sad to see that you are resigned. Rip 2017-2019. You made a lot of for Mineplex: 4 successful games (Gem Hunters, Heroes Of GWEN, Cake Wars, Nano Games), many global changes (Missions, Friends, Cosmetics, Many Games updates) and the recent queues update with the rewritten codebase. The community will miss you a lot. I hope Mineplex will still alive because you were trying to keep it up, your updates were very quality. Good Luck in your future life, Sam!
    14. ClassN
      Post Options
      Man, can't emphasize all the great work you've done for the server. Our community would not be the same without your influence. Best of luck in any future endeavors, and I hope wherever you go, you can impact that community as much as you've impacted ours. Thanks, Mop!
    15. DivinePegasi
      Post Options
      Thank you for all you've done, and best of luck in the future!
    16. Nicodami
      Post Options
      That's a big rip! :/ Thanks for all the updates and stuff you did, you were basically the beating heart of the server that kept it alive functioning. I hope the server won't die out after your resignation, but I'd like to wish you good luck in whatever you decide to do next! o/
    17. Daxa
      Post Options
      Thanks for all the things you did for Mineplex. All the game updates, bug fixes, cosmetic update. One of the best Mineplex Developers. Good luck with whatever you plan to do in future!
    18. Wiz
      Post Options
      Sam, you literally carried development for years. This is the saddest resignation at Mineplex. I can't imagine a Mineplex without Sam. Really can't. Thank you for doing everything.
    19. Wiz
      Post Options
      Sam :((((((((((((((((
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