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    1. Mohawk2
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      Lmao mineplex staff telling people that things would be better suited as a wall post like anyone reads those anymore, no one has followers now. Yes, this post is self-aware.
      1. Timmi6790
        Dec 23, 2019
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        You can think what you want, but it is always possible that someone is reading your wall posts (Even if it is a year after you posted it :eyes:).

        Your point is not completely wrong, wall posts on xen are not as appealing/strong as on enjin, but do you really think that this kind of wallpost can change this? Maybe try to suggest a change about this in https://www.mineplex.com/forums/website_feedback/
    2. Mohawk2
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      The C server just pulled a mineplex and removed half their games
    3. Mohawk2
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      I'm SUPER bad at spelling (and minecraft doesn't have spellcheck) so people in game must think I'm like 8 lol. I used the word intellect instead of intelligence because I didn't know how to spell it today xd.
    4. Mohawk2
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      I posted this on a "mineplex is dead" thread, but I'll respot it here because I really believe in what I said: Here's not the only thing that happened, but this is a major part of it: They removed the games with a dedicated playerbase. These communities may not have been the biggest, but you do have to realize that these were the players who had played for years and would have continued to play for years. They went on so long without an update, just doing their thing. These were the players who were most active in the community. They asked for little in return from mineplex. Then mineplex removed the games, therefore destroying the communities that were the building blocks of mineplex's communities. After the foundation fell apart, mineplex was doomed to fall. All these games that had consistent players disappeared, preventing even the casual players who might have joined them for one or two games from playing and having fun in them. The variety of mineplex games dropped. You have a few casual games and that's it. Unless you want to spend dozens of hours getting good at a single game like super smash mobs or clans, your options are pretty limited. This created a barrier of entry for would-be new players, preventing them from playing on mineplex and instead having them join other competing servers. In terms of percentage, since the lobby update, mineplex has had it's biggest drop in the shortest amount of time.
    5. Mohawk2
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      Guess who just got gem hunter 5
    6. Mohawk2
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      Ok, so I just realized that you can see warning points on the left side of the screen on my profile, and I got really excited because I thought it would become the new competition to get the most warning points without gettings banned, but then I was disappointed to see only the player whose profile it is can see it.
    7. Mohawk2
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      I hated minecon earth last year, it was super cringe. I figured I wasn't going to watch it this year, but when I learned we get to vote on what biome they are going to update next, and they are adding back panels (3/4 I like), I changed my mind. Hopefully, it won't be cringy this year. Also, what biome would you vote to update? Personally, I would vote desert and I think it is going to win. Options are: 1. Taiga 2. Savana 3. Desert
    8. Mohawk2
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      I got a warning point on a thread talking about the achievement "not dead yet" for replying with "I see they named the achievement after the server status... It was totally worth it
    9. Mohawk2
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      As much as I hate a lot of mineplex updates, I gotta admit, the new website looks a lot cleaner than the old one and nano games was a step in the right direction.
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