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Member, Male, from Hong Kong

Mediocre_Player was last seen:
Apr 21, 2019 at 7:35 AM

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Apr 21, 2019 at 7:35 AM
Sep 14, 2018
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    1. Mediocre_Player
      Last minute and last post of 2018. Here to wish you all a Happy New Year!
      1. coralines likes this.
    2. Mediocre_Player
      As of the posting of this post, it's officially Christmas here! Hope everyone and their families can have a Merry Christmas!
      1. coralines likes this.
    3. Cheezeburgerfan
      happy birthday!
      1. Mediocre_Player
        Thank you!
        Nov 18, 2018
    4. Mediocre_Player
      AGE +1!
      1. coralines likes this.
    5. Mediocre_Player
      One year in the Translations Team! Time flies.
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    6. Mediocre_Player
      Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to those who celebrate it like me!​
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    7. Mediocre_Player
      How rare is this occurence ​
    8. Mediocre_Player
      The strongest typhoon of Hong Kong since records began has now dissipated, and schools are going to resume as normal tomorrow. I still remember the wind was so strong (i.e. the air pressure was so low) that my ears were 'clogged'/'blocked' (like the feeling you get when you are in a fast elevator) because of the difference in air pressure. The wind was defying gravity and blowing rain upwards. The windows were almost breaking, and half of the trees in my neighbourhood fell. It was such a dangerous but unique and memorable experience.
    9. Mediocre_Player
      Tomorrow's another free holiday for schools due to the typhoon's aftermath, but work resumed as normal today despite many roads being blocked by debris and fallen trees and the traffic being mostly paralysed, what the hell?
    10. Mediocre_Player
      Tomorrow's a free holiday for schools due to the bad weather, I guess this is the only upside of the typhoon haha
      1. Nicodami likes this.
      2. Nicodami
        Btw during typhoons do you still get access to internet no problem? Or does it dysfunctions at times?
        Sep 16, 2018
        Mediocre_Player likes this.
      3. Mediocre_Player
        Surprisingly no problems to Internet access so far.
        However there were times when the lights would stop for half a second, which started like 10 hours ago and just ended recently as the typhoon passes by.
        The wind and rain is still strong but not as strong as during its peak, which was like 6 hours ago.
        Sep 16, 2018
        Nicodami likes this.
    11. Mediocre_Player
      Right now the strongest possible typhoon warning signal in Hong Kong is raised. I woke up but can't fall asleep again due to the disturbingly noisy wind and rain. Some rain even managed to leak in through the windows 'edge'. I'm not even exaggerating but I feel myself swaying at 28/F. The lights also sometimes go out for half a second. >_< Hopefully everything ends up fine.
      1. Sophie_OGrady
        Hope all is okay
        Sep 15, 2018
        Mediocre_Player likes this.
    12. Mediocre_Player
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  • About

    November 17
    Hong Kong
    You have somehow landed on Mediocre_Player's profile page, welcome!
    My name is not 'Medicore' but some people call me 'Medic' *facepalm* - I mean, I usually play Medic in games where a Medic option is available, but still...

    If you don't know already, I'm a part of the Translations Team! I translate and proofread stuff for the Chinese language.
    Besides, I'm also a noob in Draw My Thing and Speed Builders, just look at those statistics ;-)

    PvP in Minecraft just isn't my cup of tea, so you'll most likely find me in games where there is little to no PvP (if you do find me in the first place).

    Finally, follow me or send me a message if you want! I'm a friendly guy! :-)


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