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    1. MasterBuilderya
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      So galaxite, the new server, this server created a lot of hype for many people, yesterday they allowed a few people on for a test run. Those people said the server was trash. So I’m guessing that a bunch of mineplex players are going to go to that server and realize it isn’t good and everything will be alright.
      1. Nerfguns3
        Jun 26, 2020
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        i dont think it was trash
      2. MasterBuilderya
        Jun 26, 2020
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        I wasn’t able to play because I’m on vacation, but I was told by some people even after I wrote this that it was trash, and they elaborated on that.
    2. MasterBuilderya
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      Tbh, I have no idea what to write.
    Not following anybody.
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