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    1. Lyzardguy
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      ssm community fr the greatest amd bestest community on the plex i wiill have this inscribed on my grave
    2. Lyzardguy
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      I’m sitting on toilet right now thinking about all the games that u can’t play on mps anymore. Like that ssm game mode that had the capture points like champions. And that uhh zombie tag game that was like death tag. As well as many others I can’t remember right now. Why the heck were they removed from the menu of selectable games in MPs servers I don’t get it. ALSO I played every map of spleef on my mps looking for this one map and couldn’t find it. It was like inside this cave with lava and uh wooden paths to walk across. That was my favorite map, really fun to play and there was this spot that you could get to that made u invincible haha. I don’t see the harm in keeping these things available for private player servers. Oh my gosh I should not have eaten those free burritos from my school I am in agony
    3. Lyzardguy
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      I’m currently sitting under a bridge. I cannot wait until I can go home and play MINEPLEX AHH
    4. Lyzardguy
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      For those of you asking (nobody) MY PROFIE PUCTJRE IS NOT MEEEE jeez louise!
    5. Lyzardguy
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      Made my first forum post oh man
    6. Lyzardguy
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      I'm going to bed goodnight world
    7. Lyzardguy
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      Second time i've come here to appeal for something :/
    8. Lyzardguy
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      I did it... 100 wins with free kits. This is goodbye iron golem
    9. Lyzardguy
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      100 free kit achievement on SSM is gonna take me so long, currently have 42/100 wins. The sheep and villager better be worth it man. Oh yea and first post here.
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