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    1. Starx280
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      What type of tooth r u

      Cause that’s a pretty thicc tooth
      1. LordOfTeeth
        Jun 6, 2020
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    2. yulufi / Sean
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      I love how you make a ton of threads on the EULA, still somehow managing to complain about the already 2-month ago release of immortal. No offense, but please stop. Your sarcasm in the thread you made about clans mount skins also doesn't help. "Mineplex adores mojang's EULA *cough**immortal rank* *cough*". Really? There have been around 13 threads based off the same issue / point, and you bringing it up again does not help in the slightest. So this profile post was to just make a request; please stop bringing up mineplex and its relationship with the EULA. Sorry if you found this offensive in anyway. On the contrary; I was just suggesting something that might help your reputation on the mineplex forums.

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      2. yulufi / Sean
        yulufi / Sean
        Apr 11, 2020
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        You've stated that phrase so many times that I've lost count, not that I counted in the first place. I'm more than sure people get the idea of it violating the EULA, with around one million different threads <-- (Yep it's a metaphor), even if they do have the rank itself.
      3. LordOfTeeth
        Apr 11, 2020
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        The issue with violating the EULA is bigger than just Immortal rank. Mineplex has been pushing the limit for a while now (especially with clans). Rune amps give upgrades to weapons, as long as you are able to kill some monsters, supply drops strait up give you rare items as long as you can stay up till 1 AM, but at least with all of these there's been at least an attempt to validate why they don't violate the EULA. Immortal is different, I haven't seen many people saying that the gem boost complies with the EULA, just that it's violation of it is "useful" and "balanced" or "useless". I could easily see mineplex implementing something like a flying mount skin to clans, but it's fine because it'll be balanced and you still have to get a mount.
        The issue with blindly accepting blatant violations of the EULA is that mineplex knows that their playerbase is willing to accept pay to win concepts so long as its slowly handed to us.
      4. FluteVegetables
        May 14, 2020
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        Mineplex fanboy moment
    3. Korben
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      Hi LordOfDentiests
    4. Yato - Inactive
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      an alligator tooth
    5. Yato - Inactive
      1. LordOfTeeth
        Aug 10, 2019
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