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    1. Kxght
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      Do you play skywars and ever say to yourself.

      "I hate those people who wear the baby yoda skins for an advantage"

      Well I totally agree with ya, I think we should put a banlist of certain skins because I hate skins that are for an advantage purpose.
      1. Gil-galad
        Feb 12, 2021
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        Definitely. It's planned though and should be coming soon, as our developer here on Bedrock said that he would be adding it. In the meantime go to the Settings, press Profile, and turn Allow Trusted Skins Only on so everyone except you becomes a Steve skin and you don't have to care about them anymore.
    2. Kxght
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      It's like the bedrock mineplex lobby has alot more than it shows. I can't fully discover it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
      1. CatFan105
        Jun 25, 2021
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        There's like an infinite expanse of water that you can't even swim in
        There are a bunch of miniature Steve's scattered around that apparently give you something if you punch all of them
        Yeah I think thats it
    Not following anybody.
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