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    1. KwSWaveS
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      MY application was Denied to become a Trainee. I hope I can work on the problems That made it that way and fix them. hope to soon become a Mod to make MINEPLEX a good community and good server
      1. Arianna ♡
        Arianna ♡
        Sep 27, 2020
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        I'm sorry to hear that your application got denied however I'm going to give you a few tips here as I can;
        - Quality over Quantity
        : Basically what this means is don't overcomplicate what you're trying to express, get to the point as fast and as descriptive without over-typing it
        (for example: instead of writing "I want to join the mineplex staff team because I feel like there's a disrupt with the community" You would say something like "I was inspired to join the Mineplex staff team due to the fact of the rift made by the community")
        : This is a key factor in applications, honestly don't over-complicate it

        - Don't lie
        : I know this is a common one but staying true to this virtue is vital. It shows you can be trusted.

        Overall that's all I have for the application section however I'm just going to say this;
        Mineplex overall and it's community is actually already pretty strong. I'm speaking from 5-6 years of experience inside of this incredible community so don't try to say stuff like "make mineplex a good server" because being a trainee/moderator won't just magically turn it upside down, these type of things take time to rebuild up.

        But hey good luck on your next appliation, I know you can do it!

        King regards
        - Sake
      2. KwSWaveS
        Sep 27, 2020
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        I never lied on the application and I totally agree with you, should always show you can have trust, i always try to be respectful, the person who reviewed it said it was because i hadn't been on the Forums long enough, Need to help more on the forums as much as i do on the server.
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    If you don't like David Spade then don't talk to me, always making people laugh even if they hate me, like to be a problem solver not starter.
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