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KC mini
    1. KC mini
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      How’s everybody’s day been? Hope it’s going well!
    2. KC mini
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      Hello everybody I just applied to become a trainee, wish me luck!
      1. LT Tombstone 77
        LT Tombstone 77
        Aug 8, 2020
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        Good luck :D
      2. KC mini
        KC mini
        Aug 9, 2020
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        Thanks for all the support tombstone!
      3. cerns
        Aug 9, 2020
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        you’ll probably need more time and quality* posts on the forums
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    Hello my name is KC mini, but you can just call me mini.
    I play minecraft regularly and am applying to be a bedrock staff, I like to watch anime alot, and my favourite game of course. MINECRAFT!, i play other games like Roblox and call of duty though.
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