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Feb 6, 2019
Oct 16, 2018
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Java Minecraft Character

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    1. BasicT
      Created you a little profile picture! Hope you enjoy!
      1. Jrod
        Thanks! I do love it :)
        Dec 3, 2018
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    2. Jrod
      Hey ya'll. Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with my inspirational quotes. Today's is very special :) "It doesn't cost anything to be kind."
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    3. Jrod
      Todays daily quote is quoted from @Marzie . Smh
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    4. ___TacoCat___
      I dare you to eat my planet and my ancestors.
      if you haven't know we can use what "SUPER POWER" humans call.
      like telekinesis, traveling though space and time, shape shifting.
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      2. ___TacoCat___
        And we made a Dyson sphere around black hole because that we can farm it.
        by "farming" we shoot a massive amount of energy in to black though a gap. then we close it with more scualcracks and the black hole will produce more smaller energy wave and it bounces off the scualcracks walls. and just with that only about in 1 minutes in human time, the black hole becomes bigger. but we only do it for that short time because if you miss the timing, the black whole will get too close and eat us all. but for left over energy waves, we open the gap again and the energy waves will just come bursting out. we can use that for other stuffs. mostly for fuels.
        Nov 3, 2018
      3. Blue_Ouija
        Sorry. I meant to say "Why use a Dyson sphere around a black hole".
        Wouldn't it be more efficient to harvest the rotational energy? I'd imagine there would be less waste due to escaping x-rays. Or you could harvest both the rotational energy and the naturally occurring x-rays.
        Nov 3, 2018
      4. ___TacoCat___
        Oh because the material scualcracks an absorb x-rays and the rotation.
        so my home planet doesn't rotate very fast. That is why one day at Planet T.C. is equal to 50 days in human. And our kinds are very week to x-rays.
        And it's too late to change the scualcrack walls. because even opening a small gap is dangerous. (the cat who open the gap to shoot energy waves wears a special clothing made out of silk-ed scualcracks )
        Nov 3, 2018
    5. Jrod
      Heyo! I used to do this when I had more "followers" on the old Enjiin account. But I plan on getting more followers soon! Anyways, I am going to do daily inspirational quotes! Today's quote: " Why solve your problems when you can just sleep?" - Jrod
    6. Jrod
      Hello! Welcome to my wall of information! If you are looking at this let me give you a 3/60 view on my life at Mineplex. A 3/60 is 3 things about me that you can read in 60 seconds! I usually am playing Halloween Horror when the time comes, otherwise you can find me in Minestrike I really kick butt in Block Hunt I love to play Mineplex! If you want to play in-game with me just send me a message and we can work something out! Welcome to my wall :)
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      2. Enigmata
        Oct 21, 2018
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