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    1. Lady_Alyss
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      Happy Birthday!
    2. jojomusk
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      Can't get into survival 10 think it's under maintenance... Idk maybe they are fixing something I hope I can get back on soon...
    3. jojomusk
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      Started building a wizard tower an built a quick small vault.
    4. jojomusk
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      Just made a video on YouTube giving a house tour and showing how rich I am on survival.
      1. jojomusk
        Jun 14, 2021
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        I may do more videos and me talking in them.
    5. jojomusk
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      Just uploaded a video on YouTube of me touring my base and showing how rich I am...
    6. jojomusk
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      Finally found 2 zombified villagers and a witch but witch has thrown potion of weakness many times at the two zombies but the potion does not take effect. They either put it that way or it's a bug...
      1. jojomusk
        Jun 13, 2021
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        I name tagged them and their in a jail cell all three of them
    7. jojomusk
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    8. jojomusk
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      In survival they need to fix the crafting system this has been going on for a week now people not able to craft anything especially for new players don't know what the staff are doing... :(
    9. jojomusk
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      Finished building the prisons for the iron golem and soon to be villagers on that note still looking for villagers doesn't help that people put light everywhere. A friend helped me today and we found neither :( so we shifted our focus on witches mainly because I can find a zombie spawner and afk that for a zombified villager. For those that don't know I built a mega base in survival in the server -10 met lots of people there. Had to day goodbye to someone that helped me on the first day I joined... I was really sad, he gave me all his stuff. I'm wearing it till it breaks.
    10. jojomusk
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      Stopped building end city for now and made a prison for a iron golem I made. Planning on getting villagers from finding a villager zombie and tagging him, then finding witch and tag her and afk the zombie and witch for potion of weakness to cure him.
    11. jojomusk
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      Just started building a end city in survival halfway there built the tower and one bridge. Found out someone claimed the land on the right so I have to work around that
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    I love building and socializing with people and having them interact with my builds playing and having fun with them.
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