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Senior Moderator
    1. Lila
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      seems fair for the most important team on mineplex to be there​
    2. unsorrowful
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      congrats on level 80 ccc jacob <3_<3
    3. BasicT
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      Testing teams \o/
    4. WowCaleb
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    5. unsorrowful
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      hello ccc jacob <3
    6. Camull ✩
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      congrats on CCC my amazing group leader for qat and my amazing best absolutely friend on quality assurance <33333
    7. Im_Ken
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      Omg is that ex-FN, current GWENxpert, EA_MEMBER, IT_MEMBER, NL_MEMBER, FM_MEMBER, and NOW NEWLY CROWNED CCC_MEMBER JACOB??? <3_<333
    8. BaconAnEggs
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      Congrats on CCC! <3
      1. jacvb
        Apr 25, 2020
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      2. BaconAnEggs
        Apr 26, 2020
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        Thank you! <3
    9. Goudge ✦
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      Congrats on CCC, Mr. Team Request Sniper!
    10. ScarletBlood37
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      congrats on ccc!!
    11. Klobby
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      Congratulations on CCC!
    12. Im_Ken
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      that ES tag be lookin fancy luv <3_<3
    13. Rejudge
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      1. jacvb
        Apr 24, 2020
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    14. Zipppo
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      Dear mineplex jxcb,
      I would like to write a formal complaint regarding you leaving the forum ninja team. It's just not acceptable.

      Thoughts and prayers,
      Zipppo x
      1. jacvb
        Apr 2, 2020
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        Dear mineplex zipppo (previously known as xXZ1PP0_420YTXx),
        I am extremely sorry; however, I was just following in your footsteps. The amazing zIPPPO has never let me down.

        I look forward to your response.
        jxcb xo
      2. Zipppo
        May 14, 2020
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        Dear mineplex jack veebee,
        I am even more extremely sorry for taking so long to reply. I am so happy that I inspired you, hopefully you don’t follow in my steps and get banned on a certain platform. You were however, by far my favourite forum ninja and you will be missed.

        I have noticed that you recently(ish) joined ccc, congrats on that jack veebee! As well as being ex forum ninja Zipppo I also happen to be ex ccc Zipppo! (Shocking!) I only lasted a month & two weeks ish so hopefully you’re not following me in that department either! Aha!!

        I hope we speak on the mineplex discord soon!
        - Zipppo xoxo
      3. jacvb
        Jun 16, 2020
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        Dearest mineplex zipppo,

        I would like to apologize for taking thirty-three days to reply; however, better late than never! Thank you for saying I was your favorite Forum Ninja, for I worked hard and am happy to be called that.

        I did recentlyish join ccc; thank you for the congratulations! I throughout enjoy the work the team involves, so I do plan to be on it!

        See you in the (newly updated!) Mineplex discord shortly!
        -mineplex jack veebee
    15. ItsFree
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      Congrats on FM!
    16. ScarletBlood37
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      congrats on FM!!
    17. Hxmza
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      Congrats on FM, welcome back!
    18. Im_Ken
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      Welcome back to FM you icon <3_<3
    19. Camull ✩
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      YAY JACOB you came back to FM omg
    20. Klobby
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      Grats on rejoining FM!
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    if im bad please contact @rosmeme but she bites and only eats cabbage so be careful
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