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    1. iPurposelessness
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      Paladise: I’m sorry you never got your CTF map in before the end of your time here. :( I will manage the ctf1 community in your absence, for now or forever. Goodbye, old friend… bobtr
      1. CatFan105
        Mar 9, 2022
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        what happened to him
      2. iPurposelessness
        Mar 13, 2022
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        He's moved on in life, or his forums account was hacked
    2. Paladise
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      1. iPurposelessness
        Feb 6, 2022
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        i'm very sorry i haven't seen this I don't usually check forums but i'm glad u do
        Btw i got word on my report and they've looked at it!
    3. iPurposelessness
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      Where is Bobtroopo? Where is Paladise?
      1. Paladise
        Jan 21, 2022
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        Behind you
    Not following anybody.
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