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    1. cloudyanika
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      ahhhh hahahahaha level 79 bahhaha get gud 1!!1!1!
    2. GonnaGoBye
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      ur wall is dying slowly and mine is too :(
    3. i0nblink
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      1. V3riity
        Jun 23, 2020
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    4. CupcakeCookieCake
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    5. Antoine D'Coolette
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      Thanks for everything.
    6. cloudyanika
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      cries :C
    7. i0nblink
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      in the case an FM or FN sees this, please read this before you think of deleting this or anything.

      with everything going on in the bedrock staff team right now, it's pure chaos. my friends and fellow staff members were "leaving" left and right. while in no means am i saying that these recent events with staff “leaving” were unacceptable, what i'm saying is that there's a lack of communication between the staff team and leadership team. a majority of the bedrock players including myself have been upset with the lack of attention brought to the bedrock platform as it has 3x the amount of java players. i initially applied for trainee after leaving bedrock for a year. why did i leave you may ask? schoolwork was overwhelming me, pairing that with a loss of a grandparent and uncle was a big blow to my mental health. pairing that with how little updates bedrock had at the point in time, i left for a year. after i took some time to work on myself, i decided that i would come back to mineplex. i remembered how fun it was talking with friends and playing games with them were on mineplex.

      to harry and huskie ; it was really fun being mentored by the both of you. and i apologize for everything that's going on as of now. i hope the both of you for the best, and i hope you guys realize how much i enjoyed my trial as a trainee and as your mentee.

      in regards to mineplex at least for bedrock edition, please just hear us out. many of us are angry as of now as the posts we've tried creating have been taken down countless times. i apologize for any of the bedrock players who resorted to violence and harassment towards the LT.
      1. i0nblink
        Jun 13, 2020
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        these posts from me are in no means me bashing the mineplex LT or server as a whole, it's me voicing both my own opinion as well as the community's voice on how mineplex is doing as a server. i initially joined the staff team with the focus of being able to draw attention towards the bedrock server as well.

        i just hope that in time, the LT would somehow be able to bridge a way in which the community and playerbase can freely voice their own opinion without a cause of concern. the new updates to the "bedrock ideas" section of the forums is a stepping stone to that as well.

        in the end, just hear us out as a community of players on bedrock.

        please, not for my sake, nor for anyone else's sake, but for the future of mineplex's bedrock platform as a whole.
      2. MoonLight 9826
        MoonLight 9826
        Jun 13, 2020
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    8. GonnaGoBye
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      Wish you goodluck.. i'm sorry about whats happened :(
    9. KingCalvin1
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      so sorry dude <3 thanks for being there when we needed you, so long pal.
    10. WinteryOsprey38
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      PARKK :(( Thank you for everything that you've done, we'll miss having you on the staff team. Please keep in touch <33
    11. FairestLordHarry
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      Thank you for being an awesome mentee <3
    12. Inspirationqs
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      Sorry park.... :c
    13. okDamien
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      No :(
    14. Loofii
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      Sorry to see you go :( Hope you return soon
    15. i0nblink
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      :sparkles: it was fun :D
      1. ScarletBlood37
        Jun 12, 2020
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      2. V3riity
        Jun 12, 2020
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        ahh :(
    16. WowTamman
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      Sad to see you go you were great =)
    17. ddgolfer04
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      Omg I’m really wishing you luck with everything, and thanks for everything you did on the team! <3
    18. WowCaleb
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      Very sad to see you go, thanks for everything you’ve done for the server <3
    19. nerfguns3
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      i’m sorry to see you go away. you were a great trainee D:

      i am thinking of applying for staff soon in order to make up for you.
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    uh bye
    i0nblink xd | accepted april 11th, 2020 | bedrock trainee
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