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    1. hitthecharacter
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      There is a certain game that is popular on several servers, which is TNT Run. I think that they should add this to Mineplex because it could bring attention to several people knowing that it would be such a fun game. Also, if you didn’t know, TNT Run is a game where there are up to 3 layers, and the platforms vary in size. The objective of the game is to run around and try to make other people fall off and never stay still. Whoever is the last person to fall in the void WINS. Another game that would be great to add to mobile (and maybe Java Mineplex but I don’t really know what games they have) would be Survival Games, another very popular game that could be an awesome game to grind on and compete with other players. Survival Games is a Minigame where you loot chests to get better items around a large map, and a ‘storm’ starts to close in as the game goes on. You have to fight other players to the death and whoever is the last to die WINS. The last game I wish would be added is a game that I made up back in 2013 called Bow Chase. The game is where you are placed on a platform with several other people, and whenever you kill someone, (they respawn) you get a better bow. (Power enchantment.) And whoever gets to the Power V bow (five) WINS. Also, the bows automatically have infinity on them. The kits would be Leaper, which gives you a feather so you can leap in the air to escape from stronger opponents, Spammer, which would let you spam 10 arrows every 30 seconds, Fighter, which lets you take 0.5 less damage from bows, and Minion Maniac, which lets you spawn skeletons which will attack your opponents on sight. Those were a few games that I wish were added to Mineplex. So if any plugin devs/builders, or any other admin sees this, please tell me your opinion on this.
    2. hitthecharacter
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      Hey everyone! I’m so glad to finally have a Mineplex account, as I haven’t for YEARS NOW, haha.
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