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    1. xEspe0n
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      I've noticed you're new to the forums. I'm xEspeon, but you may call me Espeon if you wish. I just wanted to stop by and say Hello!
    2. KingCalvin1
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      Another thing is, don't ask for your application to be read, by any staff member or friends, or you it will be rejected immediately, and you will be forced to wait 2 weeks, or longer. Try to study the rules and subteams before applying. Once you have mastered that, and the art of grammar and expertise, Trainee and future ranks may be suitable for you! Make sure you are up to the challenge, talented, and have spare time to be with your mentors, MAs, and batch, and play on the server itself often. Post more on the forums to be more vigilant with helping the community out. Applying will take from 1-10 days for staff members to review your app, so wait patiently. You should get a response within then whether you have been moved to the next step, or cancelled, based on whether your app is detailed enough, or at just the amount of depth needed, give it your all and good luck!
    3. Cardyceps
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      So you are a new member of this wonderful society called Mineplex forums. Make sure to read all rules since it is incredibly easy to get a warning. I am also gonna click on +Follow button since you are new.
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      2. yulufi / Sean
        yulufi / Sean
        Feb 13, 2020
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        You actually have to be 14...
      3. ScarletBlood37
        Feb 14, 2020
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        I mean I'm 13 :P
        they do accept underage applicants, like spikecreates who is 12 years old
      4. yulufi / Sean
        yulufi / Sean
        Feb 14, 2020
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