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godzilla lover
    1. godzilla lover
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      why are you here?
      1. ChineselonelyNewceps Year
        ChineselonelyNewceps Year
        Mar 4, 2021 at 1:53 PM
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        Finally! I accidentally travelled in time on 2 year more than needed.
        Long story short, I came from the future to prevent you from reaching level 101 as this will somehow result in server's crush and the sturm of the Mineplex's office and then Mojang's offices. Then the orange caps and the velvet mandarins will join. This will result in a WW V.5.7 and the total extinction of all puppies & kittens. Without them aliens will decide that our planet is worthless and they'll decide to turn it in an actual "Huakapruigaga"(something between a worm dance with a twine & also a disco) dancing club. The unicorns will then notice the obvious copy right issue and will sue the business dolphins. As you can understand, this will result in dolphins being unable to produce enough spherical tables. Furthermore, a huge amount of R2-D2s will lose their jobs of tire washers, resulting in universe's reset.
        This leads me to my final statement. Pls! Do not try to get up to the 101st level before the 33/36/2020.
      2. yvuggu
        Mar 4, 2021 at 3:49 PM
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    Not following anybody.
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