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    1. Frank5100
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      I had good times on this server, I had ambitions on becoming the best at SSM, but that was a long time ago. Over the years, I had to witness 2 things...first, the agony of something i loved, then, a total lack of ambition from this dying server's owner to keep its community. I remember the first time I played on Mineplex, I remember the 15 thousand players, I remember how hard Super Smash Mobs was at first and how I kept playing it because becoming a Legend on such a promising server was worth my time and efforts. . . But now, mineplex has become the opposite of what it was, empty lobbies, a community exclusively filled with experienced players that will disappear one by one. There are more NPCs than players, there are more lags and unoptimized features (like taking 14 thousand damage in ssm when u fall in the void even though your max health is 20) than stars in the sky, you have changed Mineplex... You have changed to somethging disgusting , i would be lvl 100 by now if i didnt have to wait 5 minutes in between each games due to how you treated your community over the years.... You clearly dont care about our experience on your dead server, you have now less than 1% of the players you use to have but still you are advertising your shop in chat every 5 min. Every time i logged into mineplex for the last year, it felt like charity, charity to a team that is not even begging for success, to a team that has abandoned all hope. I worked hard on becoming lvl 100, and now that I am only 70k experience away from it, i realize that reaching it would not mean anything anymore. So instead I quit.
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