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    1. FoxyNoir
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      Does anyone know why Mineplex has been so laggy today? (Just curious)
      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        Jun 15, 2021
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        The server host is being ddosed.
    2. FoxyNoir
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      I am interested in joining the Mineplex staff, and have a few questions. Firstly, regarding the play-time, I mainly play on a shared account since it has always been signed in on the computer I use, but when I am a staff member I will be using my own new account. Would this cause problems in the case of play-time when applying? Second, even though the minimum age is 13, do you accept people who are 15 or older more prominently? And lastly, I've been reading about how much time you have to spend on the server per week, and it seems like its about 7-12 hours depending on what mentor you have. If this is the case, how much of a commitment is this really? And how lenient are the mentors when it comes to trips, homework, or other reasons I can't meet the time limit?
      Thank you so much, and best regards,
      1. Paladise
        Jun 14, 2021
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        Knanzamn responded to your post asking the same questions in the Becoming a Trainee 2 Thread so you should give that a read anyways

        Hello there o_O
      2. WowCaleb
        Jun 15, 2021
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        Hey, as a Recruiter Assistant I should be able to answer some of your questions:

        1) This would unfortunately cause some problems. Your in-game time does not carry over, you need to have 2.1 days of IGT on the Minecraft account you’re applying for Trainee on. You also might want to note you need to have two weeks on the forums, so work on that considering you only joined the website yesterday!

        2) We consider everyone who is above the age of 13 equally. A larger portion of staff team consists of people in or around their mid/late teens, sure, but they were accepted because they had everything we were looking for. You could argue older applicants are more mature, but it all comes down to the individual which is why anyone 13+ is considered on an equal level.

        3) Mentors are very accommodating when it comes to extenuating circumstances that might prevent you from meeting quotas and such. As long as you inform them in advance of the situation, there shouldn’t be any problem at all. Quotas all vary depending on your mentor but across the board, every mentor expects at least a few hours of in-game activity a week. If this isn’t a commitment you think you can make, then I’d hold off on applying. However, if not then go for it and you can negotiate quotas with your mentor upon being assigned to one once you’re accepted as a Trainee.
      3. FoxyNoir
        Jun 15, 2021
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        Thank you so much! I am still trying to figure out how this all works, and knowing all this now helps a ton. I most likely won't apply for staff right now, since I don't believe I'm ready in many ways. However knowing all this really helps so I can prepare.
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    I am just an ordinary Mineplex player who loves Parkour, and PvP games. I created this account to learn more about Mineplex and its staff, since I am interested in applying for staff. The account is mainly for asking questions and doing research.
    Have a wonderful day everyone! :]
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