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focus a
    1. Fallen™
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      'Course you had to pull a me.

      I'm Fallen. People know me by a lot of names. PhaseHacker, RegenHacker, ClansDied, Conceited_, and the list goes on... Why such a long list? Because I was like you.

      "I'm sorry for cheating." You know, I posted this on the Enjin forums. That exact title. With this exact post. And, at the time I wasn't sure what made me do it. I felt like garbage. Cheating gives a rush- don't get me wrong. But everyone hated me. The community, the staff. It really transformed Mineplex into a toxic experience for me- a game that I used to play to relieve stress entirely. I think it was @mepman9 's words on my post which I remember most distinctly from back then... (S2).

      "I'm not sure how sincere this apology is, but I'll be sure to keep my eyes on you from now on."
      1. Fallen™
        Dec 4, 2019
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        A weird response, kind of almost half-rude in hindsight. But for me, someone used to being in the shadows on Mineplex with a select group of friends- the Clans Management Lead responding was a huge thing. Felt like I had a reason to try to be better. It gave me a boost that helped me quit alting, and eventually hacking.

        I think that there's a lot people can say to you. They can tell you it's wrong, they can tell you you need to stop. But these are words that meant nothing to me, coming from other people. They've got to come from you. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the act of cheating in itself, all it is is a modified client. What's wrong is that it ruins the experience for YOU in the long-run, and for others in the short-term. We all play this game for enjoyment in the end, rarely for a "career" opportunity.

        When you do something like cheating, you might get that immediate release, but if you're like me- someone who's been here for years and will be here for years, the short term isn't enough. It's the people around you and the enjoyment you get from their camaraderie that means a lot.

        Wait out your ban, come back (potentially appeal the blacklist saying you're sorry in 30 days), and try to do better. That's all anyone can ever ask. I forgive you.

        - Fallen
      2. focus a
        focus a
        Dec 4, 2019
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        thanks fallen u the TRUE g
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    just a player that likes to play mineplex clans, and dom, and cakewars.
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