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    1. Oublisam
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      I miss u fire :( thank u for the pfp it's still my fave
    2. LowkeyJace
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      I will never forget that day on teamspeak we played games in the recruitment lounge and externally I was having a lot of anxiety but internally I realized like you're really chill :P I also internally wished you would have been like "Hey so, we decided we wanted to offer you an interview bc like you're awesome and we feel would make a great staff member" but nonetheless, I had fun lol.

      I don't remember who the recruiter in the call was but shoutout to you too for being awesome :)

      I miss you :( I wish you the best of luck in life and stay beautiful <3
    3. isaac™
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      Keeping your wall alive forever!!
    4. Minlegoe
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      Aw. Did FireStar Retire?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Minlegoe
        Mar 8, 2020
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        When and Why?
      3. Klobby
        Mar 15, 2020
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        16th january and no one knows :/
        I guess they just moved on in life after being on the staff team for so long
      4. isaac™
        Mar 15, 2020
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        Klobb's right about the date, and from what I understood they resigned due to a lack of interest, they were here for ages.
    5. Knazamn | Skittles1052
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      Me helping isaacTM
      Hi UwU
    6. isaac™
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      Can't let it die!
    7. isaac™
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      With the sadness posts over, I'm just here to keep your wall fresh and alive. :)
    8. Caameronn
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      WHEN, WHAT, HOW? You were one of the best people I’ve met at Mineplex. Genuine, caring, and hard-working. If you ever see this, know how appreciate you were. Very sad to see you gone. Have a good one, Fire. :(
      1. Tangle The Lemur
        Tangle The Lemur
        Feb 17, 2020
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        She resigned on january 3rd.
      2. Caameronn
        Feb 17, 2020
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        Only saw it now. D:
    9. AvroVulcan
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      When did this happen? The last thing I expected when coming back to look at what has changed was this!


      Very sad to see you go - you were so friendly to me during my time as an RA, and all the scary interviews. Good luck with whatever you do in life, and was a pleasure to 'work' alongside you!
      1. Tangle The Lemur
        Tangle The Lemur
        Feb 17, 2020
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        She resigned on January 3rd
    10. Rvsie
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      Really going to miss you, Firestar. We had some great times taking out people in cake-wars and playing games on the server. I also want to thank you for helping me out when I was applying for the staff team back then. You gave me really good tips that really helped me approve, and finally reach my goal. You were an amazing Interviewer/mentor and I wish you good luck in the future.


    11. Dogester
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      oh thats like proper sad :( i havent been on this website in ages but checking ur profile & seeing you have left is like making me choke up,, thanks for all the input you've put in over the years & being such a sweet recruiter w me back in the day. best of luck fire :)
    12. CrackleHarvest36
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      I'm late, I know. But it's sad to see you go.. Thanks for everything.
    13. atPuddle
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      I will never forget the time you denied my app I made before getting my 3rd one accepted: [​IMG]
    14. NotEnder™
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      Alas, all good things must come to an end. Longevity aside, you were not only an incredible person on the staff team, but an incredible Pokemon trainer, community contributor, and meme connoisseur who brought joy to everyone they met (especially since the Renaissance era, also known as the good old Enjin days). I'm sure I won't be the only person who will miss having you around.

      I know you'll go far with whatever avenue of life you choose to pursue. Never lose you artistic wit or your fabulous sense of humor. Best of luck with what's to come!
    15. PieOrPi
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      Thank you for everything my interviewer <3
    16. Alundor
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    17. SpamL
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      You've been staff for the longest time, I just can't believe that you're leaving.
    18. ItsFree
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      nooo whyyyy!! you were amazing
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