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    1. FearfulTick
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      hello im an og player of mineplex and also a new player of mineplex of both java and bedrock, i have one mission set for myself on this server. i am going to be working on ways to boost server activity in many ways varying from posting videos on my YT about mineplex to joining the staff team and giving more ideas on how to improve the server and trust me when i say this i will not rest until mineplex is even a quarter of what it used to be, i have had so many memories on this server my very FIRST time when playing minecraft was when my brother added somthing called "servers" and i was like 7 at the time so i was a stupid child, but when i first tried my first skywars block hunt bridges death tag, i knew that i would spend the rest of my life remembering the GOOD memories... its like that meme im glag i grew up with this, and not this, meme and thats basicly it i just dont want the next generation of gaming being the "metaverse" or "fortnite" we want our kids to remember somthing great. and we must or we might as never had these fun games to begin with. okay well thats it for me gn and have a good day
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