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FarmerOrange // Mushy
    1. FarmerOrange // Mushy
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      This is another logo I made for a different friend. This one is a little worse than the other, still trying to learn!
      1. Ozammor / Yato
        Ozammor / Yato
        Aug 19, 2019
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        This makes me think of the Tropics and mangos xD
    2. FarmerOrange // Mushy
      1. FarmerOrange // Mushy
        FarmerOrange // Mushy
        Aug 9, 2019
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        ^ That is a logo I made for my friend, don't rate it too harsh still trying to learn graphic designing!
      2. Ozammor / Yato
        Ozammor / Yato
        Aug 19, 2019
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        This is really cool!
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    I am a Mineplex Domination player. I love playing clans and domination and love helping the community with issues they may have. I spend most of my time on Mineplex on clans, but if I am not on clans I am helping people in lobby's or I am playing champions. I also really enjoy graphic designing! I am not the best at it but I find it entertaining. I love playing Mineplex and I appreciate being apart of the community.
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