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    1. evildoer
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      HI I quit and if you see someone on my account it's not me thanks for being nice and all, not gonna make this long just hate the game everyone cheats. If I talked to you for more than an hour or we were friends I'm gonna miss you ask around for my snapchat if you want to keep in touch
    2. evildoer
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      How long am I gonna be a new member for is the real question
      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        Jun 13, 2019
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        You will be a new member until you have 50 posts.
    3. NaiculS
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    4. evildoer
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      I really cant figure out how to wall post on this just because I can’t have a theme and it’s just not as satisfying to look at. Only four people follow me so it’s not like a lot of people will see this or find a general attraction to my wall since it’s so dead
      1. Thenorn
        Oct 13, 2018
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        I wouldn't say so ;) But yeah walls need a tad bit more advertisement here.
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