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Ender Rivka

Member, Female, from United States

Ender Rivka was last seen:
Apr 25, 2019 at 11:55 PM

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Apr 25, 2019 at 11:55 PM
Sep 13, 2018
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Java Minecraft Character

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Bedrock Minecraft Character

    1. Ender Rivka
    2. Ender Rivka
      Ender Rivka
      [​IMG] You'd never guess
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    3. Ender Rivka
      Ender Rivka
      [​IMG] :) Got a screenie with OneThousand today! It was really cool. Thank you OneThousand!
    4. Ender Rivka
      Ender Rivka
      I remember that first time I came on the forums. I thought it was amazing, and I made a few posts. Then I was inactive for a year or two, then came back in September of 2017 and I was right back to being super active because I wanted to be Trainee. After debating for a few months whether I wanted to submit my application, I did it in April and got rejected. Then I wrote another application and debated whether I should apply again because of lack of time. Then I joined an unofficial team called CI, and we had lots of fun writing these documents about rule changes. I slowly lost interest in becoming a Trainee. Then I got back to school, and the forums started dying a bit. All of a sudden, we have a new website hosted by Xenoforo. I will miss my hundreds of posts, my friends, the quirks of enjin, and the look of the site. I know the new site is easier to costumize and has more features, I will still miss the things I listed. I'm sure this will work out better in the long run, but it's like I'm leaving everything I know behind. The forums had this buggy vibe to it that I liked, and Xenoforo is almost like a utopia. When I heard the news about the new site, I was crying in happiness and sadness. Will we still keep this site to view? I really want to be able to see memories of my time here, I don't want to delete it all.
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      2. Sophie_OGrady
        MP will keep up the Enjin site as long as they can, but Enjin will probably delete it unfortunately.
        Sep 15, 2018
    5. Ender Rivka
      Ender Rivka
      It's so funny when you have to be a noob on the forums again.
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    United States
    My name is Rivka and I enjoy playing on Mineplex. My goals in life are to always be fair, be true to myself, and accomplish something I'm proud of. I've been on the forums (counting my time in the old one) for 2 years so far. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!



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