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    1. ddgolfer04
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      This was a thread I created, but no one answered it... So if anyone comes upon my wall and wants to answer it... Well here you go!

      There are a lot of movies we all adore! I would like to talk about what, in your opinion, was the best movie every created? And why do you think ___ is the best movie created?

      My Opinion:

      Best Movie Ever Created- The Prestige

      What it is about- The Prestige is a Science Movie that took place around Ford's days. This movie is not real, and is based on magic. I'm going to stop there in case anyone wants to see it, so I wont spoil.

      Why it is the best movie created- I have watched this movie so many times. You would not believe me if I told you how many times I have watched it. Once you watch it and find out what happens in the end you will be very surprised, and absolutely clueless as to what that movie created. After finding out what happens in the end. You will want to watch the movie many more times to see all the hints to the huge conclusion. I think that the creators of this movie wants for the people who watched it the first time. To go back and watch it again and again. Some people do not like watching movies over and over. However, this is not the case in this movie because every time you watch this movie you will have a new prospective every time!

      I really recommend watching "The Prestige" to see what I am talking about!

      I cannot wait to get to read you guys's thoughts on the best created movie!
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