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Dec 13, 2018 at 2:02 PM
Sep 13, 2018
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    1. Crash
      Got accepted into my preferred college <3
      1. Partshade and Sophie_OGrady like this.
      2. Sophie_OGrady
        Congrats man
        Dec 13, 2018 at 6:41 AM
    2. Crash
      Wizards GI- The amount of work this group of amazing people put into a game was actually insane. Truly sad Wizards wasnt able to get the fixes it deserved.
      1. PapiKirito and Wiz_Techno like this.
    3. Crash
      Moppletop- By far one of the most hardworking DEVs or staff on the server
      1. iUseIntel and Wiz_Techno like this.
    4. Crash
      Soccerstar, Arenzale, WiseAbsol, Orbitrons, Whale, Eyebrawl, Lucio, Benfelz, BroBite, 999p, BookMarker, Citizen Snips, ClassN, Dax, Half nd Half, Error dot Exe, Google, FrozenAnarchy, Hqmza, Hydreigon, Jordan, Jheterrior, Josho, KingPoke, Dino, KK_Magic, Lake, Latias, Lop, Miles, Mooxi, Newo, Polar, Rainbowtrol, TheAtheistJesus, Polar, and many, many, maaaaany more.... You all have been people who have made this server a place that I could always come back to, and while I regret not being able to keep up with many of you as much as I'd like you to, all of you have made my life more enjoyable
    5. Crash
      Capreso- You are one of the most chill people I have ever met.
    6. Crash
      Cabob- Havent kept up with you as much as I'd like to. I respect you both as a player and a friend.
    7. Crash
      Wiz_Techno- When you come to forums and say you speak on behalf of GI, even when 3 people with the GI tag have talked above you, you just look conceited. When you speak about a game you dont really understand, the same is true. Same with bragging about having the third most posts out of people who didnt have early access to forums. 300 posts really isnt that impressive mate, you just look like you are trying to show off. Some of your replies to threads also seem like you are trying to post boost as well. I think your heart is in the right place, but if I were running GI, you would be a player I would not give staff or GI solely because I think you would put too much priority on the influence of such a position.
      1. Wiz_Techno
        Thanks for your opinion dude.
        Dec 9, 2018 at 9:48 PM
    8. Crash
      DivinePegasai- You have like, 2 or 3 videos that I think are really good for MP content.
    9. Crash
      Worpp, Bot, partshade- Outside of being cool peeps in general, yall make good stuff that I generally enjoy.
    10. Crash
      Deidara- I respect you as a player, but you cannot base balance adjustments to a game on a bug you and 5 other people know about. That is not what GI is for.
    11. Crash
      Fall, Rhusk, ClassN,Leo, Partshade - You all have been great friends to me, and I hope to keep up with all of you in the future.
    12. Crash
      Toki- Mad respect for the work you have done and the effort you have put in to include the community in discussion.
      1. Toki likes this.
      2. Toki
        Just now seeing this, thanks a bunch :)
        Dec 12, 2018 at 3:07 AM
    13. Crash
      UmbraWitch- Single handedly the most high SSM player. Instead of being 'afk' or 'browsing forums' (like me lol), he goes and takes smoke breaks in SSM games, and gets more mad when people kill him during a smoke break than when he's typing. Cool guy, can be fun to be around.
    14. Crash
      EmmaLie, Enunciated, & other Ideas peeps(yes, you, Voca)- Yall were great peeps to interact with, and my time with Ideas Team was some of the most genuine enjoyment I had of this server since I was a newer player. Yall are good hearted people, and I wish you all the best.
    15. Crash
      Jimmy- The memelord of the SSM community. Puts Smash Heroes community memes to shame.
    16. Crash
      Voca- Ur a bro and a good friend.
    17. Crash
      Niervaco- Make more top tier quality Magma Cube vids man. Good knowing you.
    18. Crash
      Jam- Of any GI member except maybe me, you have done the most to overstep boundaries in how you treat others while discussing the game. I am honestly a little surprised you havent been temp muted more for how you handle 'disagreements' with others in GI chats. Your ideas are good, how you act is not.
    19. Crash
      Bastet- You have put in a lot to this server, and I respect that. But you are also putting yourself in positions where you are 'elevated' above others. Remember what it felt like when GI got screwed over by LT, remember how angry you were when T3 went pants to GI guidelines. Remember that, because you could be on the other side of that. A long time ago we had a DM talk about a TT friend and tags. Remember that. I wont be around.
    20. Crash
      T3hero- I know that in doing this, people expect me to criticize you for multiple things. But in all honesty, anything negative I can say about you has already been said a dozen times over. So instead I'll say this- I respect your dedication and passion for the server. It is very clear you care and want the best, but you also have to understand that other people want the same, and being butthurt about someone disagreeing with you hurts the server more than anything.
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