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    1. Wiz_Techno
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      Whoa you responded to a bunch of threads today.
      1. CourierID
        Dec 7, 2018
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        I just like browsing around and responding to things that pique my interest while watching twitch.
    2. CourierID
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      Thanos Harambe!!!1!!
    3. CourierID
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      It seems like all my Nano Wizard games just devolve into fireball spam, and it is beautiful to see that many explosions.
    4. SickleMode
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      Welcome to the forums :P
      1. CourierID
        Oct 28, 2018
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        Thanks man, just getting back into minecraft again, thought I would revisit one of my favourite servers, good to know the community is as good as ever!
      2. SickleMode
        Oct 28, 2018
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        Of course! I hope you enjoy the new forums, there are many cool new features and is easier to use than Enjin was. If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to message me.
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