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    1. BoscoChungYT
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      You did the correct choice. You should study instead of gaming.
    2. ilyLegend
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      Massive respect for you man, I am glad you realized what is right. I hope you become successful in your studies, and life.
    3. Mr.Cardyceps
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      Yo, I wanted to ask you if it is ok to ask you to give us another hint in that forum game, pls.
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      2. anna dot
        anna dot
        Sep 9, 2020
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      3. Mr.Cardyceps
        Sep 9, 2020
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        You should add two more rules:
        1)No Youtubers
        2)No mods
        I mean the fact that someone has 1mil subscribers doesn't mean that everyone knows this guy, mods have the same problem.
      4. anna dot
        anna dot
        Sep 9, 2020
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        Y'know what, that's a good point. I'll go add those
    4. Cheezeburgerfan
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      Aww, drop the sauce.
      1. Clownzeh
        May 11, 2020
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        Sauce dropped. My socks are covered in sriracha.
    Not following anybody.
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    About User
    Hello to you, whoever you are, friend, enemy, fan, hater, or just a random!

    So you've decided to lurk a little and dig into my forum account to get to know me better. Well, you've come to the right place.

    What about me? For starters, you should know I'm 19 years old and I study in physical therapy (I'm currently in my last year!) I enjoy working out, reading, vibing, learning, laughing and talking with people. I often act like a bit of a clown (hence my username) and I am quite unpredictable. I can come out with the most random, unusual stuff, and I'm usually quite the meme on Discord.

    I play the game to try and find nice people to vibe with, and so far it's been working out pretty nicely. I don't particularly enjoy sweating games, but I can be quite a sweat when necessary. I dislike toxicity and I feel bad about being toxic myself sometimes when I get frustrated. In the end, it's just a game, and I don't judge players by their skill but rather by their personality. You can be bad at the game and I'll still take you in my party anytime if I know I'll have a great time playing with you.

    So yeah... If you see me on Mineplex, say hi, I always reply unless I'm afk. Cheers!

    chill clown vibes
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