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    1. Ranger_Maddie
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      Thanks for the laugh. I love that quote
    2. zlxr (Suspici0us)
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      Congrats! You won Titan.
    3. ChaosSpark
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      Skittles' Giveaway 1 The winner of the giveaway is @ChaosSpark. He will go from HERO to LEGEND. Congrats, you will receive your rank shortly, make sure to message me as well to confirm. I'll plan to do more things like Bedrock ranks, cosmetics and etc. Posted Nov 1, 2019
    4. scarlet
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      1. ChaosSpark
        Mar 10, 2020
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        I just saw this thank you so much!
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    Who is CHAOS? image the most horrible terrifying evil thing you can possibly think of AND MULTIPLY IT BY SIX!
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