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    1. LT Tombstone 77
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      Aw no! Thank you so much for everything! You were truly a great and hardworking staff member, as well as a kind one . It’s truly sad to see you go, and I wish you luck with everything in the future!
    2. Bomo
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      NOOOO BRAYDEN ;-; this is so sad but good luck in the future you were an amazing mod to me
    3. xGetRekted
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      Aw no, thanks for your contributions to the server, you’re undoubtedly one of the most sweetest and hard working people I’ve ever met. Hope life treats ya well man, keep in touch! <3
    4. ScarletBlood37
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      brayden :// you're one of the most positive people i've ever met, i remember the first time i contacted u about a thread and u were just really sweet to talk to and even though we don't talk a lot you still have a place in my heart bc you're an amazing person and staff member and i love that so much. whenever i was ingame i could always see you in staffrequest or doing /reports and it's just really sad to see such a hardworking person leave the staff team. when i scrolled through my wall i saw your immortal tag and i honestly did not think this would happen anytime soon but i respect your decision, good luck with everything u do in the future and u better do okay in school
      thanks for everything ily <3
    5. Paladise
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      wattttttt :(((( I remember when you first got trainee, and you I appreciate everything you have done for Mineplex
    6. RavenPaw9
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      thank you so much for everything :( it's super sad to see you go as a batchie and I know we never really got close but I appreciate you for the time you were here. thank you <3
    7. DatImmortal/LegendMiner
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      Thanks for everything, good luck with future endeavors.
    8. ✨Aƚʅαɳɳαƈ✨
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      Thank you and good luck in the future <3
    9. HeyItsTay_
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      I'm going to miss you so much ): Thank you for everything and good luck with everything in real life <3
    10. WowCaleb
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      I'm gonna miss you. One of the most hardworking staff members I knew, especially as a Trainee. Thank you for everything you've done you noob, you deserve the best. Ly <3
    11. DCDB
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      Sad to see you go :(
    12. neotheater ツ
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      thank u for everything <3​
    13. Brayyyden
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      Resigned 9/21/20 ​
      You're most likely on my profile because you're wondering why I don't have my mod tag or why I resigned.

      I resigned because for me Mineplex was becoming not as fun anymore, and seemed more like a job over just having fun. It became tough with school and trying to keep up with everything that comes with school. Since I applied while my country was in quarantine, I should have seen that coming and it was a big adaptation to get back on track with everything. It really sucks that I felt this way about things and that I couldn't manage my time better, however coming back in the future is a choice I will keep in mind. I also wanted to thank a few people, I can't thank everybody but know you're appreciated even if you talked to me once or twice, because you made this amazing.
      @Oscaros_ for being a great mentor all around and helping me with any and all questions I had
      @Tours for being a great MA and bringing tons of positivity into my staff journey at Mineplex.
      @Camull ✩ for being an amazing MA on my first few weeks of Trainee and teaching me soo much in those few weeks

      Thank you all <3
      1. cerns
        Sep 21, 2020 at 3:35 PM
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      2. ItsFree
        Sep 21, 2020 at 4:19 PM
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        Thanks for everything man <3
      3. Camull ✩
        Camull ✩
        Sep 21, 2020 at 7:49 PM
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        omg brayden I never thought u would leave omg, thank u for everything ): it was great being your MA for the time being!!
    14. Oscaros_
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      Thanks for everything. We'll miss ya <3 :sadtiger:
    15. Jylie (Jxliee)
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      I love you, you were an amazing staff member and you have a great future ahead of you. <3
    16. LittleJollyJr
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      I physically can't go to the appeal link. it says it doesn't exist and I'm still banned
      1. Brayyyden
        Aug 20, 2020
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    17. MachoPiggies
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      e w a mOD
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    My Mentor: Oscaros_ (if you ever have a problem with me)​
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