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    1. Bobolobolob
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      I think I've done all I can on Mineplex for now, Its about time I try something new and play on another server. Thanks for making my mineplex experience great. Cya round.
    2. Bobolobolob
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      Taking a short break! Will be back at some point- just dealing with some family issues at the moment.
    3. Bobolobolob
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      Ever think that you're just satisfied with life in the moment? It's such a proud feeling :)
    4. Bobolobolob
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      Another month, another application.
    5. Bobolobolob
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      One month later, and I've applied for Bedrock Trainee once again! It's unlikely I get it, but if I don't, I'll just try again in July. Wish me luck!
    6. Bobolobolob
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      Its been a couple weeks and my reporting system thread is still thriving! Theres a new poll up on there for anyone who is interested in speaking their voice about the matter.
    7. Bobolobolob
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      Just got kicked from Mineplex for "hacking" although I was just lagging alot -_- that's a bummer
    8. Bobolobolob
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      I am relatively new to forum discussions, but I believe I'm fitting in well and making my points be heard. It helps alot knowing that people understand my perspective as I try to understand theirs the best I possibly can.
    9. Bobolobolob
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      Sadly because this account is new (and I lost my old account) my trainee application was denied. 2 weeks time and I'll be applying again, I'll take as many shots as I have to!
    10. Bobolobolob
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      Just applied for Mineplex Trainee! Hoping I get accepted and can help the other moderators make the platform a safer place.
    11. Bobolobolob
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      Lost my old account so here I am!
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