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    1. Block2Block
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      So today marks my 4 year anniversary as a staff member here at Mineplex. It's kinda weird to think I've been at this for 4 years and still going strong. Just a few little things about my time here:
      - I've been on the events team for 3 years, 9 months and a week.
      - I've been Event Squad for 1 year, 2 months and a week.
      - I have been on 2 different Sr. Mod teams, QA and ES.
      - I hosted the Mineplex Teamspeak Music Bot for almost 2 years.
      - I was on Karaoke Hosting twice.
      - I was on TSS for 2-ish years, from my first week as a Moderator all the way up till the Teamspeak shut down.
      - I helped test some of Mineplex's big updates including the new website, Gem Hunters and several others.
      - I've watched the staff team change significantly since I joined, including having 3 different HOS (RustyRoo, Nathan and Dean) and an entirely new Admin team from when I started.
      - I've probably hosted close to several hundred events

      I've met many friends through Mineplex, and there's way too many to list all at once and I'm bound to forget someone, so just a few people:

      Brandon - we've been talking for something like 3 and a half years and I've got to say, I've had some of the best (and worst) moments ever so yeah. Ur also rly bad.

      Jake - honestly same as Brandon. yeah.

      The Events Team, old and new - Thank you, you have made my time here such a pleasurable one, and I'm sure that it will continue to be the case! I've seen many people join and many people leave, but the team has always been the most fun team I've ever been on (although mind you I haven't been on too many so /shrug).

      The Cult of Cheese - WORSHIP THE CHEESE :cheese:

      Anyway, that all for now. Have a good day!

    2. Block2Block
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    3. Block2Block
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      Once again, going live on twitch.tv/Block2BlockMP doing another MPS cause they're fun. Feel free to join me at /server Block2Block-1 once it's unwhitelisted!

      EDIT: Thanks for coming out ya'll!
    4. Block2Block
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      Going live again with another MPS playing some random games (Imma let the server decide cause I'm bad at deciding things), join me in a minute in /server Block2Block-1 and twitch.tv/Block2BlockMP

      EDIT: That was probably one of the best streams I've ever done, thank you all for coming!
    5. Block2Block
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      Going live on twitch.tv/Block2BlockMP and playing some MPS games! Come join me in /server Block2Block-1 in a few minutes!

      EDIT: Thanks all for coming! It was an amazing stream!
    6. Block2Block
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      Just gone live on twitch.tv/Block2BlockMP playing some FTB Infinity Evolved in an SMP! Come join in the fun!
    7. Block2Block
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      oh yeah, this video is amazing btw, absolute masterpiece:
    8. Block2Block
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      Everyone congratulate @SimplyBrandon and @Surved on becoming Event Managers on Event Squad! IT's about time!
    9. Block2Block
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      Just gone live on Twitch playing some random Mineplex games with @SimplyBrandon ! Come join me @ twitch.tv/block2blockmp!
    10. Block2Block
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      Happy new year to my British peeps! Now back into hiding :eyes:
    11. Block2Block
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      Going live with @SimplyBrandon Playing the Challenge Co-Op mode in Portal 2, will probably be raging at him most of the time which I'm not gonna lie is probably gonna be funny. Feel free to drop in to my stream at twitch.tv/Block2BlockMP EDIT: Stream over, thanks for those that came guys! If you want to be sure to catch my next stream, follow me using the link provided above!
    12. Block2Block
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      Merry Christmas All! Hope you're all having a great day! Come onto Mineplex later and join us for a fun festive event as we travel to Santa's workshop, and there may be a surprise for you all!
    13. Block2Block
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      Hey guys! Live on twitch.tv/Block2BlockMP doing a brand new SMP! Come and join us a watch us fail at attempting to start off this interested SMP!
    14. Block2Block
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      I should really post more on the wall/profile/whatever you call this thing. It's way too dead atm
    15. Block2Block
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    16. Block2Block
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      I didn't crash the event, it just didn't like me.
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    Hi! I'm Block2Block, but most people call me Block. I am currently a Mineplex Senior Moderator on Event Squad as an EU Event Manager, and I currently manage Community Events!

    If you have any questions or queries, feel free to PM me!
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