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    1. crackle (gone...)
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      Happy Birthday!
    2. scarlet
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      happy 18th birthday :)​
    3. BlackCoder774
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      Imagine being almost a month further and still unable to patch the white skin bug
      1. Toki
        Nov 18, 2019
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        Imagine that it's actually intentional as a way to prevent players from crashing errors after the newest update.
    4. BlackCoder774
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      I'm not gonna be a ninja under the bed. Mineplex barely feels like a good playable server anymore. Everything is broken. My skin doesn't show up, my particles that i bought are broken, morphs are glitched, knockback somehow is 4 times lower then normal bedrock knockback. Is it me or are the 3 bedrock server developers not capable of handling it on their own. We need better developers for the bedrock edition server because its ridiculous how bad the mineplex server now is
    5. BlackCoder774
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      How many devs are there for the mineplex bedrock edition server?
      1. Stove
        Nov 8, 2019
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    6. BlackCoder774
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      Am i the only one that sees only white skins in mineplex.
      1. fanbehavior
        Nov 6, 2019
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    7. BlackCoder774
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      LOVE the mcpe update that the skins are half skeleton. Gives some good vibes
    8. BlackCoder774
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      So does anyone do a daily bug check. I dont know how mineplex staff handle bug reports
      1. Thenorn
        Oct 8, 2019
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        Each submitted bug report is processed at some point, although the user who submits it is not informed of this. The team responsible for collecting information about bugs and testing bugfixes is called Quality Assurance, so you can direct any further questions to one of its members, found at www.mineplex.com/staff.
      2. BlackCoder774
        Oct 9, 2019
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        Okee thankss. Just a little worried since it has been 2/3 days that i submitted a bug report about all the particles.
    9. BlackCoder774
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      Hey there human being O_o
      1. Stove
        Oct 7, 2019
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        Hey there.
    Not following anybody.
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    Hey there. I'm a competitive minecraft player that does mauntenbiking and daily school. I try to be online as much as i can so hit me up if you wannapplay , i love to code random things and create dumb progams.
    Bedrock Player My Xbox is BlackCoder774
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