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    1. ForevrrFury
      1. CatFan105
        Dec 22, 2021
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        how'd you get back onto snow fight?
        I thought they replaced it with their crappy version of SG
      2. ForevrrFury
        Dec 22, 2021
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        this was 2 days ago
    2. RiotRealm
      1. CatFan105
        Oct 20, 2021
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    3. flewwhigh9306
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      好吧,我的第三次尝试也被拒绝了……所以我们的管理团队和开发人员想要什么……游戏中的黑客……我看到了j。在我的眼前,我的朋友声称我早些时候尝试无法访问的土地,那名黑客很容易访问它...如果您怀疑,也有很多人在场,这些人是我周围的朋友...您可以要求他们提供证据...那个黑客来了,也开始在这块土地上打破障碍,因为我朋友所声称的土地不再适合她...她之后告诉我,这个黑客让我哭了...今天如果她来了,我将简单地告诉她在聊天中写发生了什么事情,然后我将发送屏幕截图。.无论如何,你们都信任黑客。alresdy和3到4个朋友离开了同一个问题,他们也收到了类似的回复报告拒绝,他们离开了服务器...我也发誓,如果这次黑客没有受到任何惩罚,或者我的朋友离开了该服务器....我也将永远离开该服务器..还有很多10- 12还在玩我的bcoz,您也会看到他们。.再次告诉黑客名字-dipsauce7972。.他偷了我声称的土地它被偷了之后还偷走了我的朋友的土地。现在,你们要他在偷走所有土地,别人表现出的热情和辛勤工作后独自在那里玩。当我们报告你们时,说给我们看一段视频。 b4我们可以录制视频黑客了……另一件事,我很少看到服务器上的任何工作人员或开发人员……如果有人在线,可以在同一时间获得帮助并向他们显示证明...但是我很少看到..如果你们家伙再次拒绝我的要求,永远永远禁止我的帐户从您的服务器..如果要证明由于这个原因我还能留下多少朋友就像我们大多数时候都有共同的朋友一样...我再一次告诉你们..要么禁止这个黑客,要么就退出。.如果您不禁止这个黑客,那么最好先禁止我的acc。这样,只有黑客才能玩
      1. NotDriv
        Dec 28, 2022
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    4. Cloudy
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    5. DragedWalker/JFighter87
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      hey! school just started, I hope you are getting better now!
    6. chrris
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      i come back to this server seeing you demoted, rips man...
    7. Pyu[Cinia]
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      Inactive for 18 days... miss ya
    8. NothinButWet
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      hi bjd
    9. GalaxiteShell
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    10. JN_PlayzMC
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      How everything can just disappear in a flash, you didn't deserve this.
    11. DragedWalker/JFighter87
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      dead wall but here to revive it\
    12. Carlos
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      Love you.
    13. Vocaloiid
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      Did you get lv 100 by stalling in dragons
      1. VoidNnja
        Sep 1, 2020
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        I’m pretty sure he only did it for the last few levels most of his levels are legitimate
    14. MC_Minium
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      Wow I can't believe this bro. Brendan was brilliant to work with, I enjoyed playing with him and he was one of the most dedicated people on the Staff Team. Reading Brendan's statement makes me sad because it's so true. Bedrock is neglected. Some java staff do indeed belittle Bedrock staff and I have full respect for him doing this. I've been playing Bedrock before it was even called Bedrock and there are so many bugs present on the server that have been there for years. It's a shame to see that it's ended like this after all he gave to the community and calling him useless was very uncalled for and unprofessional. Good luck man :)
      1. Bjd1126
        Jul 17, 2020
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        Love you bro
    15. okDamien
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      It’s really sad to see all this, we have so many dedicated staff members but this network can only change with the support of the Owners and the improvement of the Development Team, both of which aren’t likely to happen anytime soon. Just with some effort this server could be returned to its former glory (2015-2016) and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like that will ever happen. If the entire staff team joined together I’d still doubt if anything would really happen. To the Admins, you guys are the closest people we really have to the Owners and Devs and I appreciate everything y’all do, but that can only get us so far we need your help to at least make this network partially better. To the Developers, I appreciate what you do, but there isn’t enough of you to sustain the network. There’s far too many games and not enough developers to update all the games but instead of removing games like Bacon Brawl which have no players all day, you choose to keep them up and still spend resources on it. Please this network could be so great, but at the moment, we aren’t going anywhere.
    16. VoidNnja
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      Best QAM ever. Rest In Peace, Brxndan.
    17. Tbotrex
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      Events WILL NOT be fun without you. This is so ridiculous I'm at a loss for words. You were the highest-ranked staff member my friends ever saw. Thank you for everything you did. :(
    18. Annnub
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      I came back just to say, this is dumb. That's all. Love u Bad Jimmy Deans.
    19. Wiz
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      wow that's crazy i can't believe this
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