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    1. ATruePitato
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      Wait...your not moderator anymore??!

      1. ppancake
        Mar 19, 2019
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    2. MSWS
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      wow rip
    3. Jet The Hawk
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      We are going to miss you.
    4. Cheezeburgerfan
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      BestOrNah, who is from the US! He’s very athletic, and has a deep passion for playing sports. His three favorites are football, basketball and volleyball! As a Trainee he’s willing to put forth his best effort each and everyday. Additionally, he’d like to help as many players as he can with open arms!

      I think we can all agree that you did indeed put forth your best effort each and every day, and helped so many players and mentees with open arms. Farewell WorstPD.
      1. Vocaloiid
        Dec 12, 2018
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        @Unclassified @SnowyKitty @the other bedrock dude who was in the batch that I can't remember @the other Java person I can't remember either
    5. BestPD
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      Been a good run fellas, resigned Server is just not going in a direction I like, also I just want to spend my life doing other things that aren't Mineplex pce boys message me if you want to stay in touch
      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        Dec 12, 2018
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    6. iFooty
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    7. iFooty
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      fricking oats
    8. DiamondBudderAxe
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      been a while since I've seen you around :)
    9. Cheezeburgerfan
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      Any subteams you want to join now that you have left MA?
    10. Combativeness/xWorpp
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      Is your mc skin T-Posing?
    11. RobbiinK
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      ur almost as bad as Emily (still pretty bad tho)
      1. BestPD
        Oct 21, 2018
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        Are you sure about that
      2. RobbiinK
        Oct 22, 2018
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        110% sure. Wanna fight?
    12. BestPD
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      What a fresh new skin!
    13. BestPD
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      Today marks one year as MA/MCA for me! It’s been an awesome year and I can’t thank everyone who was involved during the process enough and everyone I’ve worked with. It’s been a blast being able to work with Toki as her MA and I can’t believe a year has already passed. I honestly can’t imagine that over a year ago I was on a Mod Coord subteam with just Mods and not in a million years would have I imagined that I’d find myself working with both Mods and Trainees (which I also have greatly enjoyed). During my year, I’ve been through a lot on the team and it’s definitely been living up to my expectations! It’s still a big goal of mine to eventually become a mentor for Staff Management and hopefully someday that will be a reality! (Though of course we never know :p) I’m looking forward to continuing my duties as a Mentor Assistant and seeing what the future has to offer!
      1. RobbiinK
        Oct 5, 2018
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        :o congrats
    14. Toki
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    15. freezingplatinum
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      This new web ain't that bad!
    16. BestPD
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      How’s everyone liking the new site?
    17. DiamondBudderAxe
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      is it me, or is your wall updog?
    18. BestPD
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      Wow, what is this cool place?
    19. iFooty
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      Hi sir
    20. BestPD
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      Hey guys, long time no see!
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    About User

    I am BestPD, but I go by Best. I'm a Moderator who also happens to be a Mentor Assistant for Toki.

    I'm a huge fan of American football, whether it be playing or watching it

    Past Subteams I've been on:

    - Forum Moderator
    - Teamspeak Staff
    - Reports Patrol

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