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    1. bennybucks
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      Dear Mineplex, every other match I join in SSM is a party of 3 teaming that will all the sudden turn on me if I have the most stocks. If I beat them then they will all quit at the SAME TIME. It's absolutely getting out of hand lately with the amount of teamers in SSM. I have made numerous reports in game, in which all of them have "expired" aka y'all didn't look into it. I don't mind when someone is better than me at the game at all, because I am now where near as good as the majority of players that play this game. But once again, y'all need to put an end to these teamers in SSM ASAP! Who agrees with me?
      1. Perseus
        Aug 5, 2020
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        Maybe you should file a report with video evidence of the teamers, saying that people are teaming and then telling people to agree with them doesn’t do much \o/
      2. Paladise
        Aug 24, 2020
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        Hello! /reports are most commonly used for chat offenses. However, since teaming is punishable I suggest submitting a forum report @ mineplex.com/reports. Also make sure to read the reports-guide by mineplex.com/report-guide. Hope this helps!
      3. Orangey✌
        Sep 8, 2020
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        maybe this isn't a thing Mineplex can just stop. They can't just stop something. It's against a rules, and that's why we report someone. There isn't anything Mineplex can do to stop this. We just gotta keep reporting.
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