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    1. Believerc
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      My friends list doesn’t work. It has been like this since 2018 and it still says “You have used up all of your 25 slots.” I have cleared out my old friends so it’s no where near 25. Does anyone know how to fix this on Bedrock?
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      2. ScarletBlood37
        Aug 18, 2020
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        /f cancel
      3. Believerc
        Aug 18, 2020
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        Wow it worked! Thanks a lot!
      4. ScarletBlood37
        Aug 18, 2020
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        of coursee!!
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    Hello! I’m Chris. I’ve been an active Mineplex player for five years. When I’m not playing Mineplex, you will find me writing or spending time with friends. I also like to spend time at the gym and going on walks/runs. I like playing tennis, soccer, and basketball. I am an actor, as well as a voice actor. I am the writer and director of a roleplay that’s still in the works. I have been in 6 musicals. I am a sophomore in high school. I play instruments such as the piano, guitar, the drum set, violin, but I’m best at the cello. I’ve played the cello for 6 years, and I am in advanced orchestra, Music Honor Society, and in other music clubs.
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