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    1. Paladise
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      disappointing that no one like your thread :(, i thought it was nice tho <3
    2. backwordsmullit
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      Honestly im thinking on doing a timelaps on builds for youtube, I dont have any minecraft content on there yet but! I think it would be good for me building wise :)
    3. backwordsmullit
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      Going to attempt a build of some house here soon, so stay on the watch and let me know what ya think!
    4. Paladise
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      Hello there o_O
      1. backwordsmullit
        Mar 27, 2021
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    Hello everyone! Some may know me from streaming as IdotGamez, and others may have seen me from in game or here around the forums! Either way its nice to meet you and I hope we can become friends!

    If help is needed at any point just shoot me a message!

    Also! im always streaming you can find me here :) - https://www.twitch.tv/idotgamez
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