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    1. moppy
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      ok so I saw on of your forum post talking about kills and cake xp ect. and asking about good strategies for cake wars and if you have discord I would love to send you a dm with a good rush strat and a good base defender strat! if you don't have discord I could put it here but its a lot of words lol.
      1. ArchitOP
        Dec 20, 2020
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        I have discord here's the ID Archit•ØP#2672. You can just copy paste this
      2. moppy
        Dec 25, 2020
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        alr I will send you a dm I’m warning you it might be a very long dm
    2. EpicEnderDragon1
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      r u actually from india
      1. ArchitOP
        Dec 3, 2020
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